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Rest in peace Mr David Matthews...

We look back at the life and legacy of a truly remarkable man!

Mr David Matthews was a man of immense vision, unwavering determination and boundless compassion. His journey was one of tireless dedication to a dream that transcended time and space, touching the lives of countless individuals and leaving an indelible mark on the world and the Tiger Kloof community over a number of years.

In the early 1990s, Mr Matthews embarked on a journey that would change the landscape of education and community development forever in the North West region of South Africa. With a heart filled with compassion and a mind teeming with vision, he set out to rebuild Tiger Kloof Educational Institution, a beacon of hope and learning in South Africa. His dream was not merely to reconstruct buildings, but to breathe new life into a place that held the promise of a brighter future for generations to come.

His humility was as vast as his dreams. Despite the enormity of his vision, he remained grounded, always leading with kindness and a good heart. He saw the potential in every individual he encountered and believed in the power of education to transform lives. His gentle guidance and unwavering support inspired those around him to reach for the stars and to never give up on their dreams.

Today, as we reflect on Mr Matthews’ life, we are reminded of the profound impact he had on the people of Tiger Kloof. His legacy will endure for years to come, a testament to the power of one person's vision to ignite change and inspire hope. Though he may no longer walk among us, his spirit lives on in the hearts of those he touched and his memory will forever be cherished.

As we bid farewell to Mr Matthews, let us take comfort in the knowledge that his soul rests in peace, knowing that he has left behind a legacy of love, compassion and unwavering dedication. May his spirit rise in glory, shining brightly as a beacon of hope for generations to come. Mr Matthews passed away at the ae of 88. Rest in peace!

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