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Donate and assist us to brighten the future of our Tigers! 

Inspired Fundraising

Any individual (in South Africa or around the world) can easily create a fundraising page (for Tiger Kloof) to raise funds for your own project / campaign. It's free and takes less than two minutes to set up a fundraising page. You can create one or more fundraising pages, enabling you to build a social network around your cause. For instance… if you would like to do a fundraising page for Bursaries, our Soup Kitchen (The Hem of His Garment), Thusenang (Home for Differently Abled People), etc. then you can register as a fundraiser for the Tiger Kloof charity, set a goal, promote your cause and off you go! Easy as that.

Please contact for more information.

A platform donors can trust - Partnership with GivenGain

Nothing puts donors off more quickly than the idea that their donations might not actually go to a legitimate charity. GivenGain only accepts non-profit organisations that are properly registered in their home countries, so donors can be sure that they are supporting genuine charitable causes.

Additionally, all donations go directly to the charity’s registered bank account and are not handled by the individual fundraiser at any point. Donors can give securely using a large number of internationally trusted payment methods. Donations are managed by the GivenGain Foundation, a registered non-profit organisation based in Switzerland that operates under some of the world’s strictest standards of accountability and transparency.

Fundraising platform

Below is a link to our charity page on the GivenGain platform. Donations can directly be made on the main charity page. Most of our current donors support us so that we can assist needy children with boarding house and school bursaries. This is our main goal... to assist as many children as possible to be in the hostel where they will have a better school career than the average child in the Vryburg area. Your contribution and help will make a huge difference.

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