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Frequently Asked Questions - Accommodation Terms and Conditions



PLEASE NOTE: We unfortunately only offer accommodation for 2 nights or more at a time

When can I check in and by what time must I check out? Check in is between 14:00 - 16:00 / Check out is before 10:00.

If I arrive at 08:00 or later in the morning and I will need somewhere to freshen up - what can be done? Unfortunately it is not possible for new guests to use rooms at this time or before check in time as rooms are not prepared until after check out time (10:00). We can also NOT look after / store any luggage before or after check in or check out times. You may ask if you can check in earlier. This must be discussed with management. 


Can I smoke in the guest rooms or other buildings? Smoking is not permitted in the rooms, toilets or any other buildings. Please smoke outside in the garden area. Please be mindful of other non-smoking guests. Please do not smoke in the presence of children or anywhere where children might see you. Also be mindful of the fact that one cigarette can cause major damage to the environment so please take care when you do smoke. 

Can I receive non paying guests to come and visit? No. We are operating a school and a boarding house on the property and we prefer not to have any other unknown people on the property. 

Do we offer Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)? Unfortunately we do not offer WiFi. We are in a 4G area if you need to use mobile data.


Do you provide telephones in the rooms? No, we do not provide telephones for the use of our customers. This helps to keep our costs down, allowing us to pass this saving on to you.

Can I bring my pet/s with me? Unfortunately we do not allow guests to bring any kind of pets with them.

I’ve missed the first night of a single or multi night stay - will the booking be cancelled? If you are not able to make your first night you should phone us as soon as possible. We can then discuss the way forward. The onus is on you to make proper arrangements should you experience any problems with your booking. 


Do you have a cancellation policy? All cancellations after receipt of a deposit will be subject to a 10% admin fee.  5 Days prior to date of arrival: 50% refund; 3 days prior to date of arrival:  30% refund.  Less than 3 days prior to date of arrival: NO REFUND.  Please make sure that you understand this arrangement before making a payment. Banking details will be forwarded to you.

Are we small children friendly? Yes. PLEASE NOTE: Not all the guest accommodation is fenced in. it is your responsibility  to look after your fellow guests / children. The onus is on you to make sure that you or other guests with you are safe. 

May I wonder around the property? Only on consultation with management. We prefer you not to do so as we have boarder children staying on the property. 


What time is breakfast served? We unfortunately do not serve breakfast. 

How do I make a booking / reservation? Navigate back to the booking page by clicking here. You may also phone +27 53 928 7000 to make a reservation via telephone. 


Is there liquor or any forms of alcohol kept in the fridges? No. Bottled water will be provided. Liquor must be used responsibly and not in the presence of children.

Is there sufficient parking space for guests? Yes. The main gate to the premises is controlled by security. Although your vehicle will probably be safe and secure, we cannot accept responsibility for any sort of damage to it while parked or driven on our property, including the theft of your vehicle or any of its contents. Make sure your vehicle is locked at all times. Please only park in the designated parking areas as will be communicated to you upon arrival.  

Can I get a written quote for a booking? Yes. Please click here. Please read the information on the booking page and make sure you understand our terms and conditions.

Are there any self-catering units? No. Please place all litter / take-away packaging in the main dustbins on the property. Leftover food should be placed in the fridge. This is to prevent ants and cockroaches from making themselves at home in your room..

Do you offer transport to and from the local long distance bus stop, town area, hospitals, etc.? Unfortunately not.

Is there a laundry service available? No, we do not have a laundry service.

How does payment work? Our policy requires that 50% of the agreed amount be paid as a deposit once you have committed yourself. The rest needs to be paid on the day of arrival. We accept all major bank and credit cards.  

Will someone be there when I arrive or leave? Yes. Please contact security at the main gate if there is a need. +27 53 928 7028.

We thank you for your interest in staying at Tiger Kloof. Please feel free to give us a call if you have more questions. Phone numbers at the top of this page.

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