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Tiger Kloof Combined School

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1. School Application Form - 2025

Please note that application forms for 2025 are now available and the closing date is 30 September 2024. Download the form, print it and complete it. Original forms and certified copies of supporting documents must be submitted - NOT electronically. You may not email the form and documents to us. An administration fee to be paid for each application. PLEASE read the form for more information about boarding placements. Boarding applications will be processed once your child is accepted as a learner in the school. Indicate on this form whether you are applying for boarding or not. Boarding will be available for GIRLS - Grade 6 & 7 / BOYS & GIRLS Grade 8 to 12.  

Please contact the school on +27 53 928 7000 - SELECT OPTION 1 or email for more information. 

2. School and boarding Fees 2024

School and boarding fees for 2025 will be posted here during the last term.of 2024. 

3. Subjects offered at Tiger Kloof

4. History of Tiger Kloof Educational Institution


1. Boarding house information for all prospective boarders

It would be very beneficial for you and your child to read this document before he / she comes to the boarding house. 

2. Boarding House Release Form 


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