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To create opportunities for learners to learn and to live out the values of the IDEALS as expressed by the association of Round Square schools, of which Tiger Kloof is a Global Member

To provide educational opportunities for the previous ly disadvantaged communities in the region. (This does not imply exclusivity)

To foster in our learners:

A religious discipline and adherence to Christian values
A commitment to serve society
An awareness of the environment
The need to be productive, responsible, accountable and enterprising.


The ethos of Tiger Kloof Educational Institution and that of the Tiger Kloof Combined School, is one and the same. The ethos embraces the following aspects:

  • To admit learners irrespective of class, nationality or faith.

  • To promote a high degree of intellectual, technical, vocational, spiritual and physical development in its learners.

  • To encourage the development of personal qualities of tolerance, compassion, humility, initiative, self-discipline, and moral and intellectual integrity.

  • To foster the ideals of social responsibility and a lasting commitment to service, both by encouraging understanding of international, national and community issues, and by involving learners in practical acts of service to the community.

  • To have a religious discipline and daily practice which will be conducted according to the Christian norm. Attendance of religious assemblies will not be obligatory for those who are not Christian.

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