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Keeping the environment clean! Go Tigers! Every little bit helps...

A group of about 30 high school students got involved in a clean-up project. Their aim was to pick up all litter around the high school area. The idea came from a grade from a grade 10 girl, Noxolo Tshayinca.

It was difficult to find a suitable time for it to happen but it was awesome to see how these children sacrificed one afternoon and just walked around the property to pick up litter. They were very amazed at the amount of litter that was collected in one afternoon but it was also heartbreaking to see how careless we are by not looking after the environment.

They are very excited about the project and are going to do it more often and the idea is to bring awareness about littering to the wider Tiger Kloof community. They would also like to go into the Vryburg community to identify areas where they can make a difference. They want to show people that by picking up the smallest peace of litter... you can make a huge difference.

Chris Botma

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