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Junior Round Square Conference - Saint Stithians College in Johannesburg

RS Conference 21 February to 25 February 2019

The Conference was held in Sandton, at St. Stithians College. It was a very exciting experience!

We learnt a lot about how to help your school to communicate and work together as a team.

We attended the opening ceremony on the first day and the flag bearers had to walk with their respective school flags. All learners sang a Johnny Clegg song to promote unity. The second day we listened to a talk about vultures and the fact that numbers of this scarce animal are declining rapidly. A moving talk which inspired us and made us realize that we can also help!

World at lunch – We were divided into groups. Only 12 learners were lucky enough to enjoy a 3 course meal. 20% of the others, had a meal with meat, vegetables and a salad. The rest of the delegates had to sit on the floor and have only soup and bread to eat. It made us think about what we have, and that most people are not lucky enough to have enough food to eat.

Night Adventure Race / Teamwork - Learners had a night adventure race where they had to do a series of tasks, with only a flashlight to guide them. It focused on teamwork and problem solving.

Saturday Community Service - All delegates were divided into groups. Some of the groups painted buildings, others packed food and others constructed a garden. Constitution Hill – The trip to Constitution Hill made us realize that we had a past that we must overcome with a bright future. Cultural show – Tiger Kloof blew them away with our Marimba Band performance. We were definitely the highlight of the show! Sunday – After the church service, we had a “Walk of Silence” where we had to contemplate on who we are and where we are going. We walked all over the beautiful school grounds and it was a magical experience.

Transformation – Ruth Everett was a very inspiring speaker! She spoke about Transformation and what we as people can do as to how we see others around us and to not step on one another to get ahead. Line dancing – Learners enjoyed this line dancing event. They learnt a few dance moves and enjoyed the social gathering.

We had a closer look at Round Square Discoveries and all learners and teachers had a better picture of what must happen. We would like to thank Tiger Kloof, Mrs Du Toit and Mr Botma for affording us this chance to go on such an enriching trip!

Round Square - There is more in you than you think!

Written by Anneke Terblanche ~ Teacher at Tiger Kloof

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